Buying Your First Hair Curler

Remington Pearl Curling Wand

It is surprising that just twenty years ago, most of the women and girls did not know what kind of tool the hair curler was and how it may help to create that huge variety of different hairstyles. But time is moving ahead, and everything in this world is changing. Now there is just a small likelihood you can meet a girl who did not used this styling tool at least one or twice.

Every girl knows that even the smallest “naughty” lock can spoil the appearance. So hair curler is here to help, luckily choosing the tool will not be difficult because there are many specialized stores having a broad variety of tools from different manufacturer, so the only problem you may have is the problem of a correct choice.  You have to choose the item which will suit your hair type at the same time preserving their natural shine and health.

So our first advice would be to choose a hair tong with temperature control feature, which is extremely important, as it will allow you to choose the optimum temperature for your hair type. Optimal regulation of heat intensity will help you prevent further damage to the hair in case they are already weakened by every day styling. Anyway, we do not recommend to use temperatures above 120-130 degrees, which is more than enough for the average hair.

You should know that ceramic curlers are heated within a few seconds, while the metal ones take three to five minutes, although metal styling tools are generally outdated and, perhaps, you won’t be able to see them in stock anymore. It is considered that ceramic barrels are the most expensive, but they have several advantages like smooth surface, rapid heating and even temperature distribution.

Also you can choose hair tong with a Teflon surface, the function of which is to generate negative ions. These ions are emitted from the inner surface of the barrel during its heating and subsequently neutralized with positive ions accumulated on the hair. As a result, the static electricity disappears completely and the hair is not electrified. As well as with ceramic coating, the natural moisture of hair is locked inside helping to keep your tresses shiny at all times.

So let’s talk about the width of the barrel. This parameter varies widely depending on the manufacturer and model of hair curler. If your hair is think we suggest you to go for wider models, while smaller diameters are more suitable for thin and fragile hair. As a rule, some styles are coming with one more interchangeable barrels, which saves space and money should you prefer to try different styles. Changing the nozzle is not difficult and will take a few seconds.

Speaking about price, it all depends on the quality and manufacturer. Traditionally, the famous manufacturers such as Remington, Philips and Braun that are used by leading professionals in hair salons will be asking for higher price. Costs for curling hair of Chinese and Korean manufacturers are lower, which sometimes reflects the quality, but in recent years they are successfully competing with big brands. When it comes to health of your hair, it is better not to save as much as possible, but to consider the good quality / price ratio.

Please don’t be fooled by manufacturers attracting you with their maximum heat promises. It is just another trick to attract more buyers. As you already know, high temperatures can damage your hair, no matter what material the barrel is made of. In any case, we advise you to use thermal protection every time you style you hair!

As you familiarize yourself with curling tong reviews, you will pick up the winner in no time! Just remember to pay attention to the presence of thermostat, surface and manufacturer’s warranty. As we have earlier said, it is not hard to choose your hair curler, the hardest task is to choose the one suitable for your hair!

How to Choose the Best Ladies Handbag

classic leather bag for ladies

Bag is an important accessory in the wardrobe of every woman. When choosing it, you need to consider not only the style and colour, but also the features of your own body. There are many varieties of bags: classic, business, sport, evening dress etc. and in order to choose the correct colour you should examine your wardrobe in order to determine the dominating tones. Shoes should be different in texture or colour, combined with accessories in warm or cold shades.

It is a well-known fact that a size of the bag should depend on the proportions of your body. Petite woman should not hide behind those bulky accessories. But speaking about dimensions – there are no restrictions! For example, a narrow elongated bag visually lengthen the hips. Any tall but excessively thin lady would need a bag over her shoulders – it will visually shortens her legs for good. Curvy ladies should not wear any bulky or extremely small bags. For them the most suitable type would be a medium sized bag.

Don’t forget to carefully check before the strength and functionality of the bag before buying. It is enough to open and close all zippers, locks and fasteners, paying a special attention to the quality of stitches, where there should not be any threads! The rule is: your daily bag should be simple, but at the same time fashionable. Try to avoid models with shiny sequins, beads and crystals when choosing a bag for daily wear – they will be ruined in a matter of week after your regular commute to work and shopping centre.

You will wear bag every day, so, first of all, you should think about the convenience and quality. Speaking about quality, leather bags are the best – they will last longer. In addition, leather will help you make the right impression. A great option for ladies is patent leather or crocodile skin bag, they will likely to break your budget but you are allowed to treat yourself at least once! Better not to choose the suede bags because of their impracticality, but if you are very fond of suede, then try to pick up the bag just with suede inserts.

It is easy to spot fake leather, if in doubt. Straight under the artificial surface you will find a thread basis. Synthetics cause sweating of your palms, if pressed hard to the bag’s hand, and you will have a feeling of “dry heat”. At present, some PVC materials are sprayed with artificial scents identical to those of natural leather, so do not try to rely on your olfactory sense only!

Choose a model with an adjustable strap. It is also very handy to have outside pocket with zip closure, so that you can store public transport tickets, pocket money or other necessities, in case you do not have to look for things. Also, look for a secret pocket – there you can put your jewellery in case you became tired of wearing it during the day.

An ideal bag should contain all the necessary things: classy purse, business card holders, pens, notebook, cell phone, sunglasses, a few basic cosmetic products, so you can quickly touch up makeup, a hairbrush. On the other hand, it should not be too bulky or heavy.

Life is beautiful, if there are means of self-expression. The right choice of handbag is one of the methods of increasing your self-esteem. So, be smart and choose the best!

Travel Advice: Buying Tickets Online

boarding the plane

Who told you that you can only economize when ordering physical goods online? When buying a transport ticket, you can still use a credit card or electronic money.

The times of booking tickets in the transport agencies’ office or train station are gone. Ticket reservation made online is often cheaper than the one made in person or over the phone. But with our below tips you will be able to save even more on your travel expenses:

  1. Try to plan your journey in advance – preferably within 2-3 months. As a rule, the earlier you book – the cheaper the ticket. Also, if possible, try to avoid holiday seasons by all means – airlines won’t be that generous with special promotions.
  2. Always book a round trip! Sometimes a price for one-way ticket can be equal to the one of a round trip, so don’t be disappointed.
  3. Check different days: You will quickly notice that flights tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, which is obvious – people prefer to travel at the beginning / end of the week.
  4. Use ‘flexible dates’ option when buying a ticket – this way you will be able to save some money provided your boss is flexible with your days off. So if you don’t have any fixed arrangements, just play with the dates.
  5. Try to see if alternative airport is able to offer better price. Think about the cost of such commuting. Some websites may automatically offer you cheaper tickets from alternative airports, so keep that in mind!
  6. Sign up for airport or airline newsletter. This way you will be the first to know about forthcoming sales and hot promotions. Some companies send special discount codes to encourage their sales.
  7. Use flight comparison sites like SkyScanner or Expedia which will do the hard job for you. Sometimes you will be able to discover the flight which is not listed on competing site.
  8. Some people claim that clearing your computer cookies folder will help to reduce the price of the ticket. You will be able to check more about this by checking this article.

We wish you a pleasant journey, whether by plane, car or rail road!

Resolving a Dispute with Online Seller‏

sorting out the dispute

Considering the all issues of buying goods online, you cannot simply ignore the subject of possible problems and potential risks that may be encountered when dealing with disputes between you and online sellers. Today we will be discussing the subject in detail, let’s go.

The Mistakes of the Buyer

The most frequent cause of frustration in online purchases, surprisingly, are the mistakes of the buyer. This usually occurs due to either lack of knowledge about the features of the item purchased, or lack of attention when ordering.

For example, when it comes to buying clothes or shoes, anything can go wrong – with size, design or material. Fortunately, this problem is usually the easiest to solve. As with anything else, the experience comes with time. Numerous purchases give the knowledge about the features of the size range of a particular brand, the quality of their items and other nuances. Size comparison tables are very useful when trying to identify your parameters.

You can make a step further and check relevant forums and blogs where you can learn a lot of useful information concerning selected products. So invest some time before making a purchase – this won’t be wasted!

As mentioned, there are usual errors at the time of making an order. The lack of attention may cost you time and money when returning items due to incorrect color or size or even wrong delivery address (well, in this case you won’t even have the items to return!). Always check delivery address you have specified at the checkout, so that silly errors are eliminated straight away.

The Problems with the Store

The next group of potential problems waiting for the novice buyer are associated with the seller. Buyers may become victims of dodgy sellers (unfortunately, internet scams are quite common) and, as a result, receive goods of poor quality, fakes, “not as described” items or even get nothing!

Therefore it is important to exercise a due attention beforehand! Check the rating of the seller, fortunately, there are websites that provide user-generated reviews and impartial feedback. In general, we advise not to work with stores that have rating below 4 stars.

As a rule, every country’s statutory law provides for pain-free 7 days return allowance. That means you should be able to receive your full refund, if you so wish, without any questions asked by the seller. Obviously, you have all the rights to claim replacement or refund if the item arrived as faulty or damaged, but in this case you have to notify the store within 14 days of receiving your item. All household goods are coming with 1 year guarantee or more, so in case the time limit has passed and you suddenly discovered a strange malfunction – feel free to contact the manufacturer directly avoiding the store from where the purchase was made.

Problems with the Courier

There are times when the fault is on courier’s side. They vary from non-compliance with the stated terms of delivery, damages or shortage of contents. The worst happens when the item is completely missed – the usual story of small packages sent by the cheapest delivery method without tracking.

Although it is impossible to protect yourself against every single problem, but at least you can reduce such risk. Our recommendations are simple:

  • Always send you post by such method where you will get allocated a tracking number;
  • Always properly pack your goods, you never know how the parcel is being handled at the multiple sorting hubs.
  • It is recommended to insure your parcel’s content for the full value – although it won’t help if the parcel is lost or stolen, but at least you will be able to claim a compensation.

Online Shopping: Advantages and Associated Problems

internet shopping

Global trend of using the Internet to buy and sell various goods in recent years has been steadily increasing. Even in tough times of crisis, in contrast to the major economic indicators, online shopping and internet auctions have only increased their sales volumes. This is not surprising – because there you can buy the same items as in conventional stores, but much cheaper. The possibility of making a purchase from the comfort of home and the range of goods, which is bigger than even in the largest supermarkets, made the trade through the World Wide Web is optimal for any modern man.

Now with major electronic trading platforms you can buy, without exaggeration, almost everything: aircraft carriers, ballpoint pens, and toilet paper. Along with the goods priced at $1, there are other almost priceless items with the initial price of six figures. For example, one of the most expensive items was a 340 year old manuscript of Shakespeare “Prince of Tyre” valued at 5,000,000 English pounds.

According to experts, the growth of online sales in the foreseeable future awaits a new upsurge. Internet is the same sales channel, but in many ways more attractive than the classic.

However there are some security risks associated with some countries. According to statistics, often fraudulent attempts are recorded in such countries as Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Israel and Pakistan. Some retailers refuse to deliver the goods ordered from those blacklisted countries. For example, some online stores in the United States flatly refused to work with buyers from Eastern European countries.

But apart from the refusal coming from the stores and auctions, a buyer who has decided to benefit from the purchase of foreign goods on the Internet may face problems of a different kind. Difficulty with payment and delivery of goods may scare not only a novice buyer, plus the lack of language knowledge may possess a huge issue.

Percentage of scam sellers is very small, in most cases they care about reputation much more than money, especially when they are involved in long-term trading. Besides a payment made though PayPal is very secure, so in case the goods are not received within 30 days, you are likely to receive a full refund including shipping costs. Of course, if the purchase is delayed through no fault of the seller, then you risk getting a negative review, but the money still remains with you.

Initially you will be confused with things like bidding at auction, delivery and payment terms, money transfers, and customs clearance, but over the time and will a little more experience you will realise that the time and nerves saved with online shopping will pay back! And if we think of money saved on the cost of the goods, then we can say that online shopping is one of the best and safest methods of purchasing goods that has ever been invented!

Choosing a Payment Method for Online Transaction

credit cards payment

Do you want to buy a sewing machine or car spare parts, fashion accessories or fabric for your new suite? Why to search all the stores on a high street while it is much easier to make a purchase online at that store’s website and order next day delivery at your door?

In addition to better prices for goods bought online there are some other advantages. For example, the possibility of not leaving the house to pay for a purchase by credit card and get the ordered goods at home out of the hands of the courier.

Modern methods of trade require modern ways of paying for purchases. There any many different way like commonly used debit or credit card, cash on receipt or electronic money.  But let’s explore those different methods one by one.

Payment by VISA and MasterCard

Perhaps the most popular way to make purchases online is plastic cards from various banks. However it is important to check whether your card comes with the option to make purchases online. On the reverse side of such card you will see a three-digit CVV2 code.

Just a few years ago the payment was made directly on the store’s website. Customers had to take risks and to type all payment details every time they made a purchase. Now for the payment transaction it is sufficient to obtain a one-time password on a mobile phone, and the whole process of payment is taking place on the website of the bank that issued the card.

You can create your personal page insider your Online Banking profiles that will store your payment details, so the payment will be done almost immediately with a minimum commission.

Payment by Wire Transfer

This payment method requires an existing bank account to make a transfer of funds. In this case online store will issue an invoice for a certain amount for the goods purchased, and the customer will pay for it though bank using his checking account.

The method is undoubtedly convenient, but only organizations. For the average buyer, however, this method of payment of purchase is not ideal since you would need to go to a bank first to arrange for a transfer. Also, there are usually a fee involved which makes the transaction quite expensive compared to instant VISA and MasterCard payments.

But this method of payment has one undoubted advantage when the seller’s bank details are known in advance which gives the buyer a guarantee of receipt of goods or services.

Cash upon Receipt of Goods

This is one of the most popular ways to making internet purchases. The advantage is obvious: you can personally see the goods before paying your hard-earned money. You can check your goods and opt out if you’re not satisfied with them.

Most of the time option is available when company’s warehouse and receiver and within the same, so a courier is handing the goods “from hand to hand.

Electronic Money

This is undoubtedly the future of internet shopping. It is extremely convenient and probably the fastest way to make purchases online. Amongst advantages are small commission, simplicity and convenience of services, the ability to buy and pay for purchases with any currency and in any part of the world. This is quite a new way of payment and it is constantly being improved becoming more reliable and affordable.

Electronic money is the most modern and convenient way to make purchases in online stores. Some countries are using this method more often than others. For example, the most famous Russian payment systems are WebMoney, Qiwi and Yandex Money proved to be very successful ventures.

To perform operations with electronic money payment, you must have your own e-wallet in the system. To open the wallet you will be required to go through a simple registration procedure in one of the selected payment systems and transfer a certain amount of money to your account. Later when you need to deposit some money, you can use a bank transfer, credit card, postal order.

Let’s talk about PayPal which is the worlds’ most famous electronic payment system. It has been successfully operating in 190 countries around the world and online auction Ebay made it a dedicated check out platform – perhaps, that was the moment when popularity of PayPal has increased hundred times. It is claimed to be the most secure system, but does have a number of limitations like a lack of physical office and long waiting times when it comes to claims handling.

Above is by no means a full list of existing payment options and you are free to use any you like. The most important thing is that you feel satisfied with your purchase!